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ultimate holiday gift guide for dancers (2020)

a massive list of some of my favorite things alongside ideas I think could be great gift ideas and what dancers would actually want and find extremely useful! Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, and more holidays are just around the corner. all these items are things I wear/use almost on a daily and are worth every penny. add these to your christmas or holiday wishlist or gift them to that special someone in your life.

Signed Poster/Pointe Shoes from Favorite Dancer

the best trash bag warmup wear you can buy! these are the "designer version" of trash bags in the dance community. the quality is outstanding!

such as a: Custom Design | Luckyleo | Yumiko | or Elevé

...something special that's not your average leotard is always so exciting!

my favorite water bottle for dance class. keeps water cool and I love the straw attachment lid. makes it so much easier to drink water throughout class.

for the dancer looking to take their technique to the next level. these planners are the perfect gift!

my favorite fitness planner. if your dancer (or you) is really into fitness and wellness, this is the journal for you! love the prompts and design of this journal.

more legendary warmup pieces. these sell out really quick! they are so popular in the bunhead community... so stylish and comfy!

obsessed with these flats, they are the perfect way to take a bit of ballet into your everyday wear. they are chic, feminine, comfortable, and perfect with any outfit. They also come in multiple colors. Josefina's also has more ballet inspired collections that are stunning, and a wonderful woman owned business to support.

I can't express how much I love these pants enough. they are one of the best pants for warming up and the most comfortable to dance in.

favorite warmup jacket. ever. so comfortable and fitted, combined with being lightweight and warm.

my favorite shorts by lululemon. they have the best fit and look, love to wear them to contemporary and modern classes.

ultimate gift for sore muscles. you can never have enough epsom salt!

if the dancer you're shopping for is en pointe.. new pointe shoes are the ultimate gift. but if you are unaware of their size and style of shoes, a Discount Dance Gift Card is always a great idea.

always a great gift for warming up before class, stretching, and getting out the knots.

amazing investment. this is THE BEST. gets all the deep sore spots and knots.

my favorite dance bag ever! so much room and easy portability.

putting some money on a gift card or aside for a photoshoot is a great gift that can be extremely handy in building up a portfolio. just be sure to find a photographer who specializes in dance and is someone you trust!

a great stocking stuffer! I'm obsessed with these bars and always have them on hand for in between classes and performances.

especially during COVID-19 a lot of dancers have been dancing from home. gifting a dancer with a portable dance floor or Marley floor provides them with a safe way to practice in their space at home, and would be a super thoughtful gift during these times.

again during COVID-19 a lot of dancers have been dancing from home. a ballet barre is a super thoughtful and incredible gift!

great gift for a dancer on the go. a better way to transport

costumes and have everything you need organized for easy access.

great for working on foot flexibility and strength, always a popular and useful gift!

one of the pricier items on the list but an incredible investment into longevity and recovery.

the perfect stocking stuffer and one of the best gifts (if not the best)!

such a handy and useful gift, from workouts, to travel, alarms, music and more. even though it is one of the pricier gifts on this list, it truly is a great tool.

my favorite warm up vest! lightweight but warm and easy to wear over a costume.

love my acupressure mat so much, great for sore muscles and increasing blood flow.

dancers spend so much time on and overworking their feet. these spacers are like a little break to stretch out and great for relieving bunion pain.

always a good gift. useful for stretching and workouts!

such good headphones. wireless is great for competition warmup and personal practice sessions, no cord to get caught up in and you can practice with music.

also be sure to checkout my poshmark closet for quality unique dancewear, activewear, and accessory pieces.

and for all of my amazon favorites, shop my amazon storefront


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