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my lululemon must haves

Hey loves! I'm back with a new blog post!

Today I wanted to share my lululemon must haves (especially for dancers), because these pieces are essential to my wardrobe and my faves for dancing in.

This list includes all my staple pieces I’m obsessed with from here. I get super specific and go into why I love each product and highlight special features, functions, and fit of them!

My FAVORITE pants I've ever owned! These pants are seriously SO comfortable, and easy to move in. Love them in the lined and unlined version - if you're unsure of which to get I recommend lined for colder weather and unlined for warmer weather!

The jogger version of the pants above. I'm obsessed to say the least, love wearing these for a morning run. The same incredible quality and fit of the Dance Studio Pant - with a cuff! If you're looking for a lightweight jogger these are THE ones.

Love the slimming fit of this jacket! It's one of my fave warmup pieces, and easy to throw over my dance-wear.

This jacket feels like butter. It's so soft and keeps you warm, but also super breathable.

BEST YOGA PANTS EVER MADE. I stand by that. They feel so smooth, and hug you in all the right places. Love wearing these to a CorePower Yoga class or for an at home body weight workout but not going to lie.... I also wear these when I don't workout because they are so comfy!

Love these shorts for contemporary and modern classes! Love the cut and fit.

Pant version of shorts above! Love wearing these to contemporary and modern as well. They transition to a great day/professional pant as well!


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